Friday, February 21, 2020

Gender & sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gender & sexuality - Essay Example Most of the tourists are attracted by the iconic advertisements that portray the destinations as having a perfect gay experience for tourists. Promotion of non-heterosexual tourism in Levant makes the gay tourists confident of hospitality. The section indicates that the travel tours are not only designed for gay tourists but also for bears. The recent boom in Lebanese tourism has been associated with the increased presence of the gay tourists. This followed after the government decided to shift its focus on the income derived from the tourists instead of their sexual identities. Use of the imagery of the bears in tourism marketing has boosted tourism activities despite the political instability caused by inter-border conflicts with Israel. One of the reasons that encouraged the advertising agencies to include the images of bears in their advertisements is to compensate for the loss of tourists resulting from the political instability and violence. Focus on gender and sexuality has increased the relevance of LebTours in tourism marketing in Levant. The success of the tourism promotional activities in Beirut is related to the fact that they do not exclusively focus on the income generated but transforming the destination into an international brand. Suggestive imagery is used to denote the relationship between cultural a nd sexual tourism as well as the conflicts that characterize their relationship. The images present a background of what is expected during the tours to the customers. The article indicates that gay tourism in Levant is inclined towards economic, social and political inequalities while being deep rooted in colonialism. For instance, some of the Slogans indicate that the tours are â€Å"Bear Arabia† that corresponds to the Arabian Gulf countries rather than Levant. LebTour has devised the mechanisms necessary for overcoming the challenges

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Is regionalism the future of emergency management Essay

Is regionalism the future of emergency management - Essay Example Thus, the group of emergency management practitioners worked on eight principles to guide the development of the emergency management and to help on basing its future1. Today, the future of the emergency management is very essential to the public and to the private sector. The demand for emergency managers has been increasing sufficiently due to certain events like the September 11 era. The disaster response systems have increasingly been federalized to deal in the internal and external threats that have been initiated and to be able to provide insight into the issues of what can be done in order to prevent the emergency events from happening in the future. The distribution of these disaster response systems and their resources between the rural and urban communities has become a problem in the near future, as the geographic conditions are to be considered greatly. Regionalism is a political ideology that indicates the need of protection of the interests of a particular region by specifically hired political groups or regionalists. The main aims of these regionalists are to increase their region’s political power and influence either from limited forms of autonomy or by stronger measures of autonomy. The concept of regionalism strengthens the region’s government bodies and their political parties, and also promotes fiscal responsibility, benefit the local population with a more rational allocation of the region’s resources, improve the efficiency in carrying out the local plans and overall increase the efficiency levels. Regionalism is closely related to the future of emergency management. Since the field of emergency management is always evolving, it makes it impossible for the roles and responsibilities of the emergency managers to be consistent. Thus, there are several key needs that are applied to the emergency