Monday, June 17, 2019

Designer Babies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

causality Babies - Essay ExampleThe author focuses on attracting and maintaining the audiences attention. The title of the essay, Designer Babies, can elicit the audiences interest and maintain it throughout the article as they strive to comprehend the circumstances surrounding the designing of babies.The article is logically organized into introduction, body, and conclusion that are crucial elements of a well-structured essay. The thesis statement is found in the first paragraph where the author argues that some concourse accept sex selection for children, Some people already argue that using that to select the sex of your child is fine, or perhaps for medical reasons (Sandel paratrooper 1). However, researchers have not addressed other issues such as physical appearance and intelligence.Another feature that makes the article rather captivating constitutes excellent transitions surrounded by paragraphs and effective use of rhetoric questions. Paragraph transitions are organized in such a way that they answer questions posed in the previous paragraphs, or pose a question for discussion in the paragraph. Questions are vital in this essay as they help in engaging the reader as the article progresses. The writer does not use numbering in the article, but organizes the essay into varying lengths of paragraphs with smooth transition between paragraphs. Long paragraphs are apply to explain the authors ideas, while short paragraphs at the end of the chapters are used to summarize ideas and giving conclusive solutions to the questions. Sandel refers to historical events when discussing his opinions to support his views. Whats the moral of the story of the dark history of eugenics? The author hooks the readers by effectively posing questions in the article. Sandel effectively apply logos, which appeal to the audiences logical reasoning (Halmari 6).Sandel begins his essay by investigating the morality in selecting the genes that can be used to shape the

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