Saturday, November 23, 2019

Dragons Blood essays

Dragon's Blood essays The title of the novel that I read is Dragons Blood. The author of Dragons Blood is Jane Yolen. The major character in Dragons Blood, Jakkin, is introduced after the prolog, and talks about how he is looking for a dragon. The reason why he wants a dragon is to fill his bond bag with gold for him. This means that he is a slave and wants to buy himself out of bondage. The setting of Dragons Blood is mentioned in the prolog. In the prolog, it states that the boy Jakkin lives on Austar IV, which is a desert planet. When I read this, I immediately thought that there most likely is an Austar III etc. On Austar IV, Jakkin lives in a nursery for dragons. This is where he steals his dragon. The plot of this book is about Jakkin, who is in bondage. He steals a hatchling from the nursery, and raises it as his own. The reason why he did this, is to free himself from bondage. Jakkin has an external conflict with Akki, Jakkins masters daughter. Jakkin also has an internal conflict with himself. The climax of Dragons Blood is when the dragon Red, also known as Hearts Blood, wins her first pit fight. She almost kills her opponent because the other dragon does Fools Pride. Fools Pride is when a really good dragon is defeated and starts to whine implying finish me now. If a dragon kills another dragon then the killer either gets slaughtered or goes straight to the stews. Instead Jakkin persuades Red not to kill the other dragon and therefore Jakkins Red wins the tournament. The resolution is when Jakkin is finally freed from bondage. Jakkins master Sarkkhan frees him. Sarkkhan becomes Jakkins sponsor because only the first match is free, the others cost money. Anyone who has the double k in his or her name is either a slave or was a slave. Jakkin Stewart is the main character, and he is fifteen years old at the present ...

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