Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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Not one single theory or school of thought embraces every view of human crisis or all the models or systems of crisis intervention (Janosik, 1984). An interview, directed by the student, provides a short-term overview of the interviewee’s viewpoints relevant to crisis planning and intervention. As an counseling in preparation I decided to interview Mrs. Tosha Wearing. She is a guidance counselor at Green Sea Head Start School in Green Sea, South Carolina. She administers the Green Sea School Counseling Program, which is designed to be comprehensive and developmental, with an emphasis on prevention. This includes large group guidance, small group and individual counseling, and consultation with staff, parents and community. Mrs. Wearing is a trained professional with a Masters' in Guidance and Counseling. She provides activities to enhance students' academic progress by addressing issues such as conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, study skills, and self-esteem. Sh e also teaches the skills needed for coping in our fast-paced and ever-changing world. As the interview was being conducted, the school’s crisis manual was on hand and occasionally referred to once needed. Green Sea Head Start crisis team involves of several knowledgeable staff members and teachers. Precisely, the team is represented by administrators (head and assistant), the school guidance counselor, school psychologist and social worker, and every age level team leader. Mrs. Wearing clearly explained that the team works collected as a consistent unit to join and be a direct link out to the rest of the school. She also defined the crisis team as a problem-solving entity among the school. Consequently, there were no different symptoms that each member has a... ... safety and security measures being taken. A systematic procedure for dealing with a crisis, of any magnitude, should be established and should ensure all personnel have a clear understanding about every detail; including the who, the what, the when, and follow-up actions. The interview the learner conducted with the Counslor of Green Sea Head Start School served as an opportunity to discuss specific aspects of the school crisis plan. Furthermore, the learner gained information about the crisis team and the strengths and weaknesses of the current crisis plan. Overall, although no one crisis plan will guarantee that tragedies won’t take place, but a developed approach holds promise that the situation will be handled in the most cooperative way imagined. No school should be without a crisis plan and a well-trained crisis response team (James, 2013).

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