Saturday, October 5, 2019

The relationship between the nations of the global north and the Essay

The relationship between the nations of the global north and the global south, both before World War II and especially afterwards - Essay Example Even the Global North was effected with the political scenario that prevailed in the scene of pre First World War events and the post Second World War events. Japan for example was totally destroyed by the events that took place in the Second World War. Prior to the Second World War, Japanese government undertook offensive intentions that were dangerous towards the world as well as their own prosperity. The occurrence of the event of Hiroshima and Nagasaki crippled the entire structure of existence and led to destruction in totality. In the post world war second scenario, Japan had to start from scratch in order to provide the people with a means of living and also support their basic needs. In the post world war Two Scenario, the North had an edge over the South. Since the South was economically and politically weak, the North aimed at cashing in on this weakness and in turn provided them conditional assistance. This assistance came about in the form of political dictions. The events of the Cold War in the post Second World War events led to the more suited atmosphere for the North part of the world to bring about their own dictated terms upon the South. The South, badly in need of resources, funds and other basic needs to maintain their economic growth and prevent themselves from falling below the poverty line, had to embrace the tough and vested conditions and interests of the North. The events that took place in the earlier part had a greater impact for the major part of the 20th century. Its traces can be felt even in the modern times in the different parts of the world. The South American continent that comprises of the states of the likes of Bolivia, Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Peru are still in the throes of economic hurdles and obstacles. In the post First World One scenario, there were two distinct blocs within the Europe, United states of America and its other allies aimed at creating trust and partnership within. While the Central powers

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