Monday, August 26, 2019

Family Literacy Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words - 1

Family Literacy Program - Essay Example This essay discusses a plan for developing a Center and it's program that aims to develop the mind and character of every child by platforms of English language literacy program with support basically coordinated and extended to their respective families. The main puproses of a program explained is to reduce English language illiteracy rate of the community by teaching Spanish children the classroom method of learning and understanding English. This task shall deliberately open the doors to information and present computer technology available for speech articulation utilizing the Center’s present resources for such mission. The essay also focuses on funding resources of the program, such as resources from non government organizations and other private foundations available abroad like the EU, Spain, Germany, and Canada. Educators. The essay also presents some organizationals strategies to use. Firstly, transportation is described. A minimum of one vehicle shall be purchased b y the Center to serve as a school bus. Schedule of classes and center operations as well as benefits of the program are also analyzed. Participant’s feedback is an SOP for the program so the Center will know how their program stands to their participants and find ways and means to improve both program and Center’s operations. In conclusion, the researcher mentiones that the most important benefits of such project will be enhancing understanding, reading and speech skills in the English language that could eventually provide more seats in work’s consideration for promotion.

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