Friday, August 9, 2019

Twelve Angry Men Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Twelve Angry Men - Movie Review Example This paper explores the film â€Å"Twelve Angry Men† directed by Sidney Lumet. Contrast and conflicts give birth to progression of the plot of a play and the film ‘Twelve Angry Men’ is not an exception in this regard. The film seriously involves and implements the process of consensus-building. Along with it, the difficulty implicated in developing these phenomena is explicitly dealt in the film. The difficulties in reaching a common point in between twelve men who ranges from varied personalities enhance the intensity and seriousness of the conflict of reaching into a common platform. The content of the film is made poignant to the extent that even the names of the characters are presented in a subvert manner in the film. Only the names of the two jurors appear before the audience while they swap their names while going out from the courthouse. The film â€Å"The Twelve Angry Men† can be perceived as lesson in conflicts. The men do not know each other, not even the audience know anything about them individually. Yet their personality, philosophy towards life and their ideologies all become pertinent through their conflicts expressed and resolved throughout the film. The exposition of the conflict captivates the film from opening to its denouement and persists till its ending. The exposure of the conflict within the plot is slow but it is steady and indicates an exercise of divergent leadership style within the same platform. The conflict presented in the film launches its audience into a plane where there is no resolution of the conflict.

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