Thursday, August 8, 2019

Study skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Study skills - Essay Example We often taking reading for granted, without paying heed to its benefits. Amongst the fundamental benefit of reading to a student is that it helps develop the concentration skills of the reader, which in turn, leads to higher levels of attention and concentration while learning. Reading helps an individual to focus; to put aside all other thoughts and focus one’s attention on what is being conveyed by the author through the text. To add to it, reading develops the much needed comprehension skills of a student which help him/her for life (Krashen, 2004). Comprehension skills are quintessential to solving case studies, problems and other reading material. Most students score a low mark in their exams simply because they don’t read the question/rubric properly (Krashen, 2004). Most have the habit of skimming through the instructions, without paying heed to key words that should not be missed. As a result, their answer to the question is often unrelated or lacks the points required by the examiner (Krashen, 2004). This is what constitutes the problem of poor comprehension skills. By developing the habit of reading, one is able to increase one’s attention span and develop one’s ability to understand what is being conveyed by the author both literally and figuratively. Hence, reading enables students to read between the lines or develop the skills of mind application by correctly perceiving the author’s hidden message in the reading material (Rasinski, 2003). This is a crucial skill in today’s world as the world today thrives on successful interpretation of knowledge which in turn helps enhance knowledge outcomes in an information driven world. Besides, reading is a fundamental need in today’s knowledge driven world; a person who cannot read effectively cannot speak effectively as reading is quintessential to effective speech (Gallagher, 2004). Thus, reading broadens

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