Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Human Resource Devopment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Human Resource Devopment - Assignment Example The colleague prefers individualized learning experience where the learning facilitator assumes the role of evaluating the learning process. At the same time, the colleague prefers learning in small coordinated groups where every individual has role to play. Although the colleague prefers participative learning experience, the assertion the colleague make is that such experience should not be independent and structural framework should be established to guide the process. Moreover, the colleague prefers learning process that draws from theories and practical experiences. At the same time, experimental learning that is packaged by facts and real-time examples is what the colleague prefers. Learning that develops on established principles is what the colleague prefers. Lastly, the colleague prefers learning experience that is based on established and communicated discussion methods and one that encourages feedback and evaluations. Learning Curve Learning curve has been used to explain and describe the learning process among different individuals. It constitute graphical representation of how the rate of learning for an individual occur in any given activity or entity (Mangal, 1995). Learning process starts with acquisition of particular idea, which then increases before finally declining after repetitiveness (Mangal 1995). As the curve depicts, learning progress very slowly at first and then accelerates fast. In addition, the curve shows that learning does not progress at the same rate in most cases and this can be demonstrated by the curves and plateaus (Pandey 2006; Heywood 1989). Different tasks are learnt and success acquired... The paper tells that organizations have to initiate lifelong learning, training, and development of their members. Learning constitutes an aspect that growth-motivated organizations cannot ignore or underrate. It is an avenue where change processes in organizations are absorbed and implemented. Nevertheless, organizations have to realize that different individuals possess different learning styles, which constitute an aspect that should be factored when developing and implementing learning strategies. Therefore, the essence of this research paper will be to look at the concepts of learning, training, and development in an organization. Through the research paper, learning theories and learning styles have been identified and discussed hence adequate knowledge has been generated from this. In addition, the research has been able to outline processes for planning and designing training and development in an organization and how such plans can succeed. Moreover, evaluating of training events has been discussed and knowledge about the processes, methods, and procedures of carrying out evaluation has been established. Finally, government initiatives to improve and enhance HR development has been investigated and evaluated and the overall conclusion is that the government plays key role in enhancing HR development. On overall, it can be stated that the research paper has accomplished research objectives that were established earlier in the paper.

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