Thursday, July 25, 2019

Project Management Managing Projects Assignment

Project Management Managing Projects - Assignment Example This relation is shown in the Network diagram by two rectangles "a" and "b" joined by a directed line going from "a" to "b". This helps the user in tracing all tasks on which a particular task is dependent and in tracing all the tasks which depend on a particular task. It also helps the user in estimating the criticality of a task. Business location is still a primary issue in keeping up a company's competitive position -- whether corporate headquarters are looking forward to recruit and keep top talent or a back office looking forward to reduce the amount of operating costs. As today's business situation alters at an ever-increasing rate, businesses, most of the time, find that their current location is no longer providing the competitive vantage it had once upon a time. (Burke, 1999) Consequently, all the companies should evaluate the chances and hazards of moving to a better location for their company. In this paper we will analyse the key issues that cause a business to change its location as well as the different aspects of a feasibility analysis a manager needs to evaluate the chances and hazards of changing the location of a business. Elaboration and globalization of the world economy causes both new opportunities and new competitors on the other hand. (Boddy, 2002) Companies are finding the location of their business operations not only to purchase global opportunities but also to find a more defensible market position. 2. Alterations in the Need for Labour The global contest for labour especially for knowledge workers, has caused companies to change the position of their businesses and repackage their businesses as an "employer of choice" (Maylor, 2003) to gain a competitive vantage for drawing in and retaining talented labour resources. 3. Internal changes in a Company Businesses are experiencing significant change taken by mergers and acquisitions as well as the want to reduce overall cost for operating, caring knowledge as an asset, sustaining internal business growth, and favourably impact business

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