Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The Inundation of North American Coasts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

The Inundation of North American Coasts - Essay Example During coastal inundation, areas nearing the meeting points of creeks and rivers tend to be more susceptible since high seas can lead to the backing up of rivers. Coastal inundation is also accompanied by rising sea levels, which may lead to high intensity storms in the future (Spaulding 588). Several factors can be attributed to be the causes of coastal inundation; one of the main causes of coastal inundation is storm surge. Storm surge details the rise of water abnormally as a result of a storm that may be above the wave conditions that have been predicted. A combination of astronomical tide and storm surge leads to storm tide in the North American Coasts. Storm surge contributes to coastal inundation since it leads to the rise in water level. The rise in the level of water leads to flooding in the coastal areas. A storm surge may emanate from low atmospheric pressure that may emanate from hurricanes (Spaulding 588). Another notable cause of coastal inundation includes large waves that may be experienced in the coastal region. These waves may be caused by local winds or they may emanate from storms that occur from a distance. The waves lead to a rise in the water level, thus causing devastating effects of floods on the land adjacent to the North American Coast. The inundation of the North American Coasts is also caused by wave set-up. This takes place when the average sea level rises, especially in the zone referred as the surf zone. The other cause of coastal inundation includes the flooding of rivers as a result of rain. The flooding of rivers as a result of rain increases the severity of the flood. Seasonal cooling and heating of the oceans can also be referred as another cause of coastal flooding; this is because such variations contribute to high levels of water in the sea (Spaulding 590). Inland floods can also cause coastal inundation; these floods take occur during a fall in the moderate

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