Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Training and Development in health care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Training and Development in health care - Essay Example Employees who perform better are usually motivated and are such individuals who will likely to leave a particular job in search of more challenging and interesting work, and bigger overall opportunities. Training and development is one way an organization can retain its better performing employees. It is important to state that a department that does not put into consideration training and development is bound to fail. The constant changes in technology, economy, legislation, finances, and social changes make it mandatory for the organization to offer training and education to its employees. Thus, maintenance and the improvement of the staff abilities ought to be an ongoing effort. Ongoing education is important (Fallon and McConnell, 2007). Measuring competence is important for a health care organization. The increasing sophistications of health care delivery and the changes in the market conditions have forced the health policy makers to enhance the evaluation of â€Å"initial competence of students and new graduates and the continuing competence of experienced and certified practitioners† (Burkhalter, Cooper and Kak, 2001, p4). Health care organizations are required to evaluate individual and organizational performance on a regular basis in order to assess the efficacy of the services they are offering. This assists the organization to know whether that requires designing training and continuing education interventions for the improvement of provider performance. Comparing job performance and the assessments of competence serves as an indicator of the extent to which the organization offers support required for quality care (Burkhalter, Cooper and Kak, 2001). On the other hand, low performance and high competence is an indication that the organization is not offering the required resources, is not correcting poor performance, or rewarding effective performance, and it has not clarified the standards

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