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Properties of Light

Danielle Silverstein PHY 101 Section 10497 March 4, 2013 obtuseinish up this World Purpose In this lab experiment, LED elucidations will be use to show how when E&M radiation is realizeed, the push is converted to warmness. A dis carte of isopropyl inebriant will absorb readable ability of opposite simulations, and the vaporization ramble of the alcohol will be measu florid. The key to this lab is the evaporation rate is directly colligate to the cypher of the straighten out shining on the drop. Materials * * LEDs and circuits (from previous lab) * pipette (or eyedropper) * Rubbing alcohol Index pester * 9-volt battery * Flash dizzy * Stopwatch * footling cardboard box (shoe box) Procedures A multilateral enclosure from the cardboard box was do. This created a location for applying imperfect from the LED to the drop of alcohol while minimizing the effect of atmosphere actuals on the evaporation rate. The eyedropper was utilize to swan a single drop of isopr opyl alcohol on an index card deep down the enclosure. The same size drop was use each date the step was repeated. The cadence it takes for the drop to evaporate without the LED introduce was recorded.The dark spot on the card caused by the alcohol was no long-acting visible. A flash lax was used to stand by with the observance of the dark spot. The evaporation m was recorded. The same procedure was repeated for the several(predicate) colo departure LEDs over the alcohol drop. The current through each LED and the distance from the LED to the drop of alcohol was the same for each run. The procedure for each color of LED was repeated at least 10 convictions and an average time of evaporation for each color was calculated. A represent of evaporation time versus oftenness of the LED was then make. Data while it took to juiceless the drop (minutes) With no light= 10 minutes Red(minutes) Green(minutes) Blue(minutes) 1 443 515 330 2 449 359 314 3 503 455 407 4 523 348 313 5 400 426 326 6 504 447 337 7 435 420 325 8 525 354 310 9 430 505 340 10 445 415 356 Frequencies(Hz) 4. 310-14 6. 010-14 6. 6710-14 Average Time(s) 449 428 331 pic Results The results show that personnel casualty had the concluding oftenness and used the least criterion of faculty, green was in the middle of the deuce other colors with a oftenness of 6. 10-14 and grubby had the highest absolute frequency of 6. 6710-14 remainder light source is range of the electromagnetic spectrum perceptible by the naked human eye. The spectrum as well as includes radio waves all the way up to gamma rays, and light falls almost in the middle. Electromagnetic radiation combines twain particles and waves in nature. Electromagnetic radiation back endnister also be described in terms of a stream of photons. These argon massless particles traveling with wavelike properties at the upper of light. For example, the changing electric and magnetic field in space form electromagnetic waves (Library Thinking Quest). The colors on the spectrum motley from fierce to violet.The red light has a tear down button than the violet light thats at the end of the spectrum. The frequency of the light increases as the color of the light changes from red to violet. Wavelength and frequency argon inversely proportional, which causes the wavelength to decrease as the color changes from red to violet (Hewitt, pg. 520). Depending on the color of the light, the wavelength can range from 710-5 cm (red) to 410-5 cm (violet), but all electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light. The frequency of the light, which is the number of wavelengths per seconds is calculated utilise the equivalence C=LN. L is the wavelength, N is the frequency, and C is the speed of light (Library Thinking Quest).From the observations collected, the red LED light took the longest to prohibitionist the drop of alcohol and the blue dry out it t he fastest. Since the red light is on the let outer end of the electromagnetic spectrum is used the exist(a) amount of energy. Just by expression at the brightness of the light, this conclusion was made but reassured after doing around research. The red light was very dim and faint compared to the brightness of the green and the blue. The blue was the brightest of the lights. This light used the most energy and is one of the farthest on the spectrum beside violet. Since the frequency of light increases as the color of light moves down the spectrum, the red light has the smallest frequency of 4. 2*10-14, green has middle frequency of 5. 66*10-14 and blue has the largest frequency of 6. 37*10-14. The frequency is directly proportional to the energy produced by each of the light, which is shown in the graph above. The blue light had the highest frequency and that used the most energy. The red LED used the least amount of energy because it had the net frequency. The greater the fr equency caused the alcohol to dry faster since it used more high temperature (energy) at one time. Light energy and frequency are directly related in the real world also. typically since red lights have less energy than blues lights, blue objects are verbalise to be hotter.In 1923, American astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953) made an astounding discovery. As Hubble observed, the light waves from yonder galaxies are shifted to the red end, and he reason that this must mean those galaxies are contemptible away from the Milky Way. These observations concluded that something that showed red was moving away from its observer. The laws of thermodynamics state that where screw up is involved, the movement is always away from an empyrean of high temperature and toward an area of low temperature. warmnessed molecules that reflect red light are areas that are moving toward an area of low temperature. Molecules of low temperature reflect bluish or purple light because the tendency of heat is to move toward them.Fire, for example, it lets off heat to have got people warm. The color of fire is by and large red and orange. These colors are at the lower end of the spectrum of light. The reason why fire is the color red is because red gives off the lowest amount of energy because it has the lowest frequency. Fire can be used in many different ways in the world without using mass amount of energy to heat things up. As mentioned in the lab from last week, the alligator clips caused a lot of issues with holing the confederacys together. A better material would be the connection covers where the wires go inside a unretentive tube and are squeezed together at each end to insure security.When the light went out due to the connection, it caused created a longitudinal time for the alcohol drop to dry. This created some error in the experiment with the time and the overall average. picReferences Hewitt, P. G. (1998). Chapter 23,24. Conceptual physics (8th ed. , pp. 494- 550). Reading, Mass. Addison Wesley. Lesson 9 Electricity. (n. d. ). PHY 101 . Retrieved February 9, 201328, 2013, from https//www. riolearn. org/content/phy/phy101/PHY101_INTER_0000_v4/lessons/lesson08. shtml? encrypted-sectionid=am5lN0s1VHdrNkRZdEdaK3ZBR3dSdz09 The Physics of Light What Is Light?. ThinkQuest Library. N. p. , n. d. Web. 19 Mar. 2013.

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