Thursday, September 12, 2019

Analysis of the TV Shows Friends and How I Met Your Mother Essay

Analysis of the TV Shows Friends and How I Met Your Mother - Essay Example As far as friendships go this group has it very tightly knit. They live the life in New York City and never seem to want for money even though they are rarely seen working. They seem to spend most of their time just hanging out together and sipping coffee, having the heart to heart talks or just getting into one sort of hijinks after another. Just as in the real world, these group of friends somehow end up dating one another and eventually, one or two they have highly successful hookups. However, that is not to say that the show takes relationships lightly because it is, after all, a comedy show. It was the way that they handled the seriousness of these relationships in a light manner that set this show apart from the others in their time slot. That is the characteristic that made the show and its characters special. Friends was a ground breaking show during its era. It had all the common characters from everyday life that the viewers could identify with. The men were comprised of the â€Å"looking for love† kind, the career women, the players, and the spaced out friends who are always good to hang out with when you need a good laugh. Everybody knew somebody who was exactly like Monica, Chandler, Rachel, or Joey. The show helped the term â€Å"extended family† and take it a whole new level. Friends showed everyone that family need not be confined solely to the relations based upon blood and direct DNA. They are the people that we connect with on a level that we would not even normally connect on with our own family.

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