Sunday, September 22, 2019

US Constitution and gun Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

US Constitution and gun - Research Paper Example However, not all these reasons have eliminated the numerous cases reported on a daily basis within the country of civilians’ improper usage of firearms. As such, civilian gun ownership led to a number of unnecessary deaths and injuries in the country. For instance, in most cases, the civilians cited that they needed to use these guns against fellow civilians in self-protection or to prevent a crime. Few of such cases rarely prove that the civilian had any justification to hold a gun against another civilian. Furthermore, the usage of guns in the United States has escalated to considerable levels whereby criminal gangs have ease of access to firearms for which to use in doing their criminal activity. This holds the entire country at ransom, as well as depreciates the level of security in the country. Many a times have irate minded, or persons with mental illnesses held civilians at hostage with firearms, and some even shot at innocent children and schoolteachers at an elementary school. As such, it is evident that civilian gun ownership requires a high level of discipline from the civilians. This is the key reason that civilians give for wanting to own private firearms. This is a valid reason especially considering the high rate of crime and insecurity within the country. It is no doubt that an individual will at one point come across a compromising situation that requires personal protection and self defense with the use of a gun, such as a rape scare for the women, a kidnap attempt for the rich, as well as a carjacking attempt for car and vehicle owners. For these reasons, a gun comes in handy, as the threatened individual will use it to protect himself or herself from the aggressor, and if lucky prevent the occurrence of a crime. Others keep guns in safekeeping at their homes for such cases of insecurity, especially in the event a burglar attacks their home and attempts to steal or make away with their property. The United

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