Monday, September 2, 2019

Ottoman Architecture Essay -- Art, Islamic Architecture

There are few things that actually do last. Legends, arts, beliefs, and architecture are among the few that actually do last. Architecture can be defined as a practice of constructing and designing a building project. However, the Islamic architecture has a distinctive range of both religious and secular styles that have been influenced by the Islamic culture. Furthermore, The structure of Islamic architecture that is used in mosques, tombs, palaces and fountains is unavoidable in sight. The relationship between early Islamic architecture and modern foundation of construction provides a penetrating overview of encompass of Islamic culture in Iran, Tunisia, India, and Turkey. However, Turkey was such a desirable region and preserved of the astonishing site of the structural design of the Ottoman Empire. Originally, the incredible mosques in Turkey have emerged from the wonders of Islamic art such as Suleimaniye Mosque. The sense of gorgeous decoration and quotations from the Quran on the mosque’s interior walls is typically Islamic. The marvelous design of the Ottoman architectural design persists its flourishing in the present day with a combination of luxury and modern art. One of the best examples in modern life is Zabeel Saray Hotel in Dubai, which has the perfect harmony between the old Ottoman architecture and modern luxurious hotel. As the Ottoman Empire emerged, it brought up its own distinctive touch on culture from literature, art, music and most importantly architecture. Ottoman architecture is considered a blend of Islamic Mamluk traditions, Byzantine architecture as well as Iranian architecture. Building techniques at that time were very advanced, architects were able to balance between inner and outer spaces in a... ...nd Polyurethane (a substance made from the foam of sea salt) ( Jumeirah organization, 2001). At the hotel entrance, a â€Å"Tughra† which is a symbol of an ottoman power was used as a part of an exterior design. Moreover, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a multifunctional hotel it consist of 10 restaurants, bars, 12 boutiques, conference rooms, Mehteran Theatre, and Talise Ottoman Spa that includes a relaxation area and a Turkish hammam ( Jumeirah organization, 2011). As Mahgoub (2009) mentioned,† that air conditioned and glass covered buildings are considered symbols of modernity and civilization†. Modern buildings have advanced safety measures that were not available during the Ottoman Empire. Such as fire staircase, fire extinguishers and emergency exits. As a result, modern and old traditional architecture are combined to satisfy the demand of both new and old generations.

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