Wednesday, September 11, 2019

LIberals and Conservatives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

LIberals and Conservatives - Essay Example They ask the government to treat all individuals on an equal basis, protecting civil liberties and human rights. For example, they ask the government for taxpayer-funded programs that support mothers who want abortions. They support long-term welfare that government provides to the needy. Conservatives, in contrast, do not accept change to traditional way of living. However, there is a contradiction in their beliefs. For example, they are against government programs that support abortions, because they want to save the unborn lives (Courtwright 5); yet, they are also against government programs that provide prenatal care to single mothers. They are against government funding for the needy, but they support government support for victims of flood and earthquakes. Such illogical beliefs held by conservatives are unacceptable for liberals. In short, liberals and conservatives hold opposite views and beliefs. Liberals are open-minded, and promote human rights, like abortion and government support for the needy; while, conservatives are narrow-minded, and hold contradictory views which liberals consider as corrupt and

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