Sunday, September 8, 2019

Individual Project ( Market Strategy) Research Paper

Individual Project ( Market Strategy) - Research Paper Example We have transcend our thoughts to finding bargains online, and that includes purchasing books at a deeper discount. For all the luxury retail offers, like browsing through the aisles of books neatly showcased for us to admire, and the sheer pleasure of physically opening the pages of a book to see the quality of your purchase, this dinosaur is a sad reality. Welcome to the world of e-books! Many e-book publishers in the states are receptive to lower cost output, without the revenue loss of returned print book inventory. Unfortunately, United Kingdom publishers do not express the same ideals as their American counterpart. They view the digital world of e-books as risky, with higher cost, and less opportunity in the long run. The transformation of e-books in the United Kingdom are slow. This fear is from the potential of revenue loss on hard book and paperback book sales. Yet the European industry needs to take a second look at their nearsightedness. Electronic devices are here to stay , and for good reason. Surely the initial cost for an e-book is worth the price, and the long term value it serves Page -2- is endless. Not only can you install more than one electronic book, you have a choice of font sizes as well. Just think, if you are an avid reader, you won’t have to make countless trips to the bookstore to purchase a hard cover book or a paperback. The e-book tablet is lightweight, smart looking, and cost effective for the long term. If the United Kingdom does not keep up with the future of new technology, there will be consequences down the road, both economically and environmentally. Let’s take a look at the environmental impact that hardcover and paperback books have on our eco-system. Although publishers are conscience of the paper mill effects on our depletion of trees, recycled paper for hardcover books and paperback books have become more popular over the last ten years or so. Waste Management landfills are increasingly having a negative i mpact, where the consumer is not mindful to recycling the books. We as consumers must think about the long term effects that paper has on our environment. There’s also the negative side to the handling and discarding of electronic systems in our environment as well. Lead and mercury breathes toxins into the air and water. That’s why we need recycled solutions for all electronics instead of shipping them to another country and destroying their home land with our waste. Technology is growing rapidly, and changing every day, so it is imperative for all of us to be responsible for the welfare of that change. The trends of advance technology go beyond the adult reader. Teenagers are getting the full grasp of e-book’s easy access, compared to print books. We will also see in the near future, that hard cover books will become obsolete in the classroom. Technology demands that reading behavior and patterns have to change. The higher margins set in the publishing industr y can only stimulate the market. Already the states see an upswing of e-book sales of 4% from 2009, and the percentage of sales continues to grow. Page -3- Price strategy as well as digital distribution, must be a long term goal in order for this new technology to work it’s way into the mass market. Fear of the unknown is hardly a matter of time. Hard cover books will continue to sell despite e-book distribution. But European Book Publishers, including the

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